Le Mont Saint Michel, Saint Aubert and Le Mont Dol legends

Fantastic day in Normandy and Britanny at one of the worlds most popular destinations

Known as Mont Tombe, from the Roman name Tumba, Le Mont St Michel is a granite outcrop, a tidal island,
that was formed 525 million years ago.

The first community was formed by an Irish Hermit. But it was the Bishop of Avranches (Saint Aubert)
who built the first church on Le Mont in 709.
It came under the control of the Bretons in 867, but William Longsword, annexed it in 933.

Over the centuries the church became the beautiful Gothic monument that is seen today, with eventually the Gold Archangel at the summit. It, along with Mont Dol plays an important part on the Bayeux tapestry and it was one of the turning points in the 100 years war.